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Afton, IA
Location Manager              Willie Smith                           Office             641-347-8428

Arispe, IA
Location Manager              Willie Smith                           Office             641-347-8428

Creston, IA   1 Feed Retail
Location Manager              Darin Schlapia                       Office             641-782-7202

Creston, IA   2 Feed Mill

Location Manager              Jessy Shady                          Office             641-782-1661

Diagonal, IA

Location Manager              Bill Schneck                           Office             641-734-5303

Elwood, KS
Location Manager              Terry Jackson                        Office             913-365-8041

Indianola, IA
Location Manager              Terry Pedersen                      Office             515-961-6300

Macksburg, IA

Location Managers              Kallie Hildebrand                                Office             641-768-2436

                                             Craig Trucks                                        Office             641-768-2436
Mount Ayr, IA

Location Manager              Vince Schaller                       Office             641-464-3821

Osceola, IA
Location Manager              Adam McFarland                   Office             641-342-2139

Shenandoah, IA  Feed Mill

Location Manager              Heath Victor                          Office             712-246-2253

General Manager          
Jim Schendt                                                          Office - 641-347-8428   Cell - 641-347-7030

Grain and Feed Dept. Mgr.
Randy Pettit                                                             Office - 641-347-8428   Cell- 641-347-7093

Accounting and Membership Controller
Kim Hardisty                                                         Office -  641-347-8428    

Grain Accounting Supervisor
Jennifer Byrd                                                              Office - 641-347-8428

Agronomy Manager
David Shields                                                          Office - 641-347-8428  Cell - 641-344-4677

Transportation Supervisor
David Collings                                                         Office - 641-782-7202  Cell - 641-347-7125

IT and Communications Supervisor
Brent Harlan                                                           Office - 641-347-8428

Safety and Compliance Director
Marty Cameron                                                            Office -641-734-5303  Cell-  641-344-1625

Retail Feed Sales Supervisor
Jordan Eggman                                                         Office - 641-782-7202  Cell - 641-247-1126

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